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Looking Back: APRL Highlights from 2011
With your help, we accomplished a lot in 2011, including...
  • Passed city council resolutions commending restaurants for removing cruel foie gras in Los Angeles and Laguna Woods, adding to the six other cities we have obtained resolutions from previously!
  • Convinced 75 restaurants in 10 states to stop serving foie gras.
  • Our Orange County chapter helped pass an Irvine ordinance which banned circuses, rodeos and retail sale of dogs and cats! We also helped secure a commitment from the Irvine Company not to allow retail sale of dogs or cats in any of its properties.
  • Distributed appromiximately 55,000 leaflets on humane eating--which based on surveys will result in about 44,000 fewer animals being consumed over time!
  • Helped Vegan Outreach distribute over 150,000 flyers to college students about humane eating, by helping pay for the flyers and providing legal representation when their full time leafletter was arrested on four different college campuses for straying outside of "free speech zones." We won all four cases.
  • Caused over 400 people to watch Farm to Fridge--a hard hitting piece on what's wrong with eating animal products--through social media advertising and paying people at festivals $1 to watch it. See people's reactions here!
  • Won a lawsuit against the San Diego Planning Commission, which denied the City Council's request for a permit for a year round rope barrier to protect the La Jolla Seals. The permit will now go to the state Coastal Commission in January. The rope will go up Dec. 15 for pupping season and will hopefully stay up in perpetuity.
  • Hosted more than 100 events in Southern California (including protests, outreach, book signings, vegan dining and other activities). To see some of the photo highlights from 2011, click here
Photo: Click to read about APRL's 8th Annual Turkey-free Thanksgiving in the press
How I Went Veg: Get to Know the APRL Staff
The staff at APRL are driven by a passion to help animals; they work long hours and love every minute of it! Read on to hear about how they went veg...
What made you decide to go veg?
  • I've been a vegetarian since I was around seven years old, so it's been about 17 years. I always loved animals and it just made sense to me to stop eating meat when I was old enough to understand where it came from.” –- Eric Broude, APRL intern
  • “To save animals. That was 12 years ago and it's still the best decision I've ever made.” –- Jonathan Wadley, PhD., APRL campaigns director
  • "I went vegetarian at nine years old because I love animals. I went vegan as a teenager when I learned about the cruel ways animals are treated on factory farms." -- Kath Rogers, APRL programs director
  • "I've been completely vegan for 17 years, since age 16. I made this decision to stop supporting animal cruelty and environmental destruction. Optimal health is a side benefit." -- Bryan Pease, Esq., APRL general counsel
What do you enjoy most about the veg lifestyle?
  • “All the amazing food! Rather than limiting my diet, being vegan has opened my eyes to so many new dishes... I’ve never felt more creative in the kitchen." -- Alex Metz, APRL outreach director
  • “I like meeting people from all walks of life who share the common view that animals should not be abused. This belief brings people together, and there is a diverse network of people across the world who share this view.” -- Bryan Pease
Any advice to those new to veg eating?
  • "Look at going veg as an adventure, and have fun experimenting with new foods, recipes and restaurants!" -- Kath Rogers
  • "Pick up a copy of APRL's Veg Guide to San Diego. It's a lifesaver!" -- Jonathan Wadley
How has working for APRL helped in your commitment to humane living?
  • “Working with APRL is very satisfying for me as an activist. APRL sets goals and gets results!”  -- Teagen McClain, APRL special events coordinator
  • “APRL has helped me tone down that cynicism that makes me assume no one will work for change. Seeing the amount of volunteers and hearing positive discussions that generate real change has really shaped my perspective on humans treating animals with respect." --Andrew Farwell, APRL intern
  • “APRL is not just an organization but a dynamic and growing community, so there's never been a better time to be involved!" --Bryan Pease
Above: Radio show host Jerry Cesak speaks at APRL's Afternoon for Animals
Above: APRL co-founders Bryan Pease and Kath Rogers with vegan athelete John Lewis at APRL event
APRL Orange County protests puppy mills
Our last foie gras protest was covered by the New York Times
APRL staff and volunteers passed out over 8,000 flyers on humane eating at December Nights in San Diego!
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