Volunteers Make APRL Go 'Round
APRL is involved in numerous campaigns that require all sorts of different skills. Thankfully, APRL has amazing volunteers.
We would like to give a special thanks to Sky Ladd and Diane Brand, who have been a huge help filling in at our cruelty-free boutique, Vegan Planet! These two have been gracious enough to give up their time to help run the shop, located at 4669 Park Blvd. in University Heights.
We would also like to welcome our newest interns, Yiwen Liu and Sean Maher. They will be helping us stay strong in the fight against foie gras, even after the July 1st ban takes effect.
Activist Spotlight:
Cardiff Jauregui

We recently took some time to catch up with one of APRL's youngest activists, Cardiff Jauregui. Here is what he had to say about being a vegan, being young, and being a voice for animals...
How old are you?
“10 years old"
How long have you been vegan?
“I've been vegan for 6 months. "
What is the best thing about being vegan?
“That you don't hurt animals and you are way healthier and more athletic. "
What difficulties have you faced as a young vegan?
“People making fun of me. Saying I'm not healthy and being asked why I'm vegan. "
What do you say when people ask why you're vegan?
“I say even if we were carnivores, the way they horrifically rip the animals limb from limb so people can have their cheeseburgers and bacon in the morning is wrong. Milk and other dairy products are unhealthy. Another reason is before they kill the animals they fill them with antibiotics. Then when they process the food and the antibiotics are still in it and it makes them sick. "
Why do you speak out at demos and what gives you the confidence at such a young age to be out there?
“I go to protests because, even if I'm tired, the animals are tired of suffering and being murdered. I speak up for the animals because I inform people about what's happening. "
What is your favorite meal?
“Soy nuggets with bbq sauce, rice and broccoli at Sipz. "
Cardiff being a voice for
the animals
Calling All Creative Types!
APRL needs a creative and efficient intern to help with our design efforts and electronic communications. Tasks would include working on design elements for the national platform, updating current banners, logo creation and working to create flyers and emails for specific marketing campaigns.

Skills needed: Proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, and HTML. Java is a plus but not required.
Companion Animal of the Month:
Sneaky, with Michele Erwin
"Sneaky, a sharpei mix, is the world's greatest dog. He was a feral street dog from Mexico that we neutered at one of our clinics and I brought home. He rescued a hummingbird on a walk with my husband and was best friends with Jackson, an old great dane who had been dumped by his owner at a park, bringing him food from his own dish, and was by his side when he died a year later. He loves people and all animals, a big change from the skinny, mangy, terrified dog I first brought home more than 3 years ago."
We had many great entries. Don't forget to send in your companion animal for next month's letter by July 10! Congrats to Sneaky and Michele!
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APRL-OC Instrumental in Dog Sale Ban!
After much hard work and great effort by our OC chapter, Huntington Beach City Council recently voted to ban the sale of cats and dogs in retail stores. Puppy mills continue to supply retailers, but thanks to APRL-OC, Huntington Beach will no longer allow retailers to work with such dealers and breeders.
APRL Orange County protests puppy mills

July 1: It All "Foies" Down
July 1 marks a great day for ducks in California. The bill, eight years in the making, banning the production and sale of force-fed animals is finally taking effect. Starting July 1, if you see or hear of any chef or restaurant offering up this cruel dish, please contact APRL at info@aprl.org immediately, so we may update our database and contact the correct enforcement officers.

See APRL featured in the New York Times and a piece done by KPBS.
Activists in the fight against foie gras
Check Out Vegan Planet
Vegan Planet is San Diego's one-stop shop for all your vegan needs. Come see our cruelty-free boutique in University Heights at 4669 Park Blvd., 92116

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