Can you go veg for a week? 
Have you ever thought about going vegetarian/vegan? Pledge to go veg for one week and let us give you free recipes/coupons to help! 
When: Sunday, September 25 through Sunday, October 2
What: Pledge to go veg for one week! 
Why: Prevent animal cruelty, improve your health, and protect the environment by exploring a veg diet!
How: Go to SDVegWeek.com to pledge to go veg and we will send you free recipes/coupons and invite you to free VegWeek events!
*Already veg? Get someone in your life to take the veg pledge and go with them to the VegWeek events! 
  • APRL volunteers helped distribute over 12,000 leaflets on humane eating at Warped Tour and more than 3,000 at Hillcrest Cityfest, Fiesta Del Sol and the Adele Concert in San Diego.
  • Seven restaurants dropped foie gras after being contacted by APRL in August. The Honolulu Academy of Arts also removed this cruel item from the menu of one of their major events. The organizer vowed never to serve it and wrote a letter encouraging others to do the same!
  • APRL teamed up with APOHA and our neighbors at San Diego Greenpeace for an educational event to support the pending CA bill to ban the sale of shark fins. Call your senator to express your support for the bill! 
  • APRL's first annual Afternoon for Animals event was a huge success--click here for photos. 
​​(Photo below: Volunteers give "fins up"for Shark Day!)
How I Went Vegan: Interview with Stephanie Redcross
We caught up with Stephanie Redcross, the founder of Vegan Mainstream--a marketing firm aimed at spreading the message of veganism to the masses--to ask her a few questions. 
What made you go vegan?
After an unfortunate E. coli diagnosis during College (linked to food poisoning from meat), I started to eliminate beef and pork immediately. Ultimately I became vegan in 2005 for ethical reasons. Veganism not only changed my overall health, energy and mood, but my outlook on life. I've become more compassionate to everyone (big and small) human and non-human. It's the realization that we must protect and care for the earth and all it's inhabitants.
Why did you choose to leave the business world to start Vegan Mainstream? What does VM do?
I have over a decade of experience in marketing and really wanted to marry my passion for marketing with my passion for the vegan cause. Thus, Vegan Mainstream was born. One of the things I enjoy most is really interacting with young companies and entrepreneurs who have great ideas and big hearts and who want to carve out a space in the business world. Vegan Mainstream provides marketing solutions for vegan and vegetarian businesses, as well as for those interested in incorporating more mindful practices and products into their brand.

Some people can't imagine that being vegan can be fun. Do you beg to differ?
Absolutely!! I find vegans to be the most warm and open group of people, eager to learn, collaborate and help each other too. With so many Vegfest events popping up, almost every major city has a weekend dedicated to pure vegan fun. Further, we are starting to see Vegan professional platforms that energize business owners and bloggers.

Give us a sample of some of your favorite meals or recipes.
I love raw kale, with a little bit of lemon, oil, salt, agave simply tossed in a bowl. Lately, I've been baking finger licking pound cakes from the Veganomicon cookbook. My favorite Vegan transitional guide is by Tracye McQuirter entiltled “By Any Greens Necessary.” Her recipes are simply amazing.

Do you have any advice for new vegans?
Connect with as many vegans in your area, whether you use meetup.com, Facebook or an online forum, it's important to build a community around you that supports your lifestyle and that will guide you when you have questions. If you don't know anyone locally, jump online and reach out to a vegan blogger. They will help you get connected. Also, you can always contact me :) @steph_redcross via twitter.
Upcoming Events:
Outreach at Hillcrest Farmers Market - 
Sun, Sept 4
Atty. Bryan Pease at Cal Western
Thurs, Sept 15
Outreach at University Heights Art Fest -
Sun, Sept 18
Outreach at Adams Ave Street Fair -
Sat & Sun, Sept 24-25
Veg Shopping Tour - 
Sat, Sept 24
Vegan Icecream Social -
Sun, Sept 25
Veg Nutrition Talk -
Mon, Sept 26
Veg Cooking Demo -
Tues, Sept 27
Veg Nutrition Talk -
Wed, Sept 28
Veg Shopping Tour - 
Thurs, Sept 29
Veg Nutrition Talk - 
Fri, Sept 30
Movie Screening - 
Sat, Oct 1
Celebration w/ Paul Shapiro -
Sun, Oct 2
Click here for Orange County events!
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