May 10, 2018: A gallery in La Jolla is being investigated for selling dozens of pieces of ivory. "These people are profiting from the selling and destruction of a species," said APRL co-founder Bryan Pease in an interview with ABC News. Watch the interview here.  

March 7, 2018: The proposed law, if passed, would be the most progressive farm animal welfare law in the world. The new measure would ban cages of any kind for hens, gestation crates for mother pigs, so narrow they can’t turn around, and veal crates for calves, which restrict movement for their entire lives. “This is the greatest shot farm animals have ever had.” Read more at:

February 1, 2018: A local animal rights group is threatening to protest if a high school doesn't cancel plans for a "donkey basketball" fundraiser, where players ride on donkeys while playing basketball. Read more at:

August 29, 2017: The Humane Society of the United States and a coalition of animal protection, veterinary and food safety groups today filed ballot language that seeks to upgrade California’s laws aimed at preventing cruelty to farm animals and protecting California consumers from inhumanely produced and unsafe animal products. Read more at:

November 21, 2014: The Animal Protection and Rescue League filed the suit in San Diego Superior Court. They say that property owner Bay Plaza has cut them off from using a courtyard to speak out against pet stores selling dogs raised by inhumane large-scale breeders. Read more at:

October 7, 2013: After residents grew angry that squirrels were being poisoned, the city set up an alternative: a trapping program. It turns out that just means euthanizing them in a different way. “These are animals that we like and respect and they inhabit our parks,” said Kath Rogers from the animal rights group. “There are a lot better ways to control their population than poison.” Read more at:

May 6, 2013: The proposed ordinance would make it unlawful for any person to sell any live dog, cat or rabbit in any pet shop, retail business or other commercial establishment located in the city of San Diego, unless the dog, cat or rabbit was obtained from a city or county animal shelter or animal control agency, a humane society or a nonprofit rescue organization.” Read more at:

April 26, 2013: Dogs, cats and rabbits bred for pet stores are kept in inhumane conditions, and too many of them end up being abandoned by owners — and end up in shelters. Pets born in such conditions are more likely to carry genetic disorders and are poorly socialized. Read more at:

April 19, 2013: “The fact remains the City Council made a decision to install a permanent rope that is 152 feet in length." The request to have the rope shortened to 130 feet was opposed by the Animal Protection and Rescue League. Shortening the rope would mean "people would crowd around the seals, sitting on them and trying to pet them," said Bryan Pease, attorney for the organization. Read more at:

August 12, 2012: Calls by the [Animal Protection and Rescue] League’s members posing as diners found that about 340 restaurants in California had foie gras on their menues before the ban…Now fewer than a dozen offer it. Read more at:

May 6, 2011: “Due to development and human intrusions on the coast the nearest established rookeries for harbor seals are roughly 100 miles to the north and south of Casa Cove thus limiting the harbor seal’s ability to breed, nurse, and raise their young.” Read more at:

November 14, 2009: A state law that takes effect on Jan. 1 gives the city broad discretion to maintain the beach as it sees fit, and the City Council has indicated that it favors keeping the seals. Read more at:

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